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    PublishTime:2019-05-20 14:50:53

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    Ambient Air Vaporizer

    This series of vaporizers use the heat of air to heat the low-temperature liquid in the heat exchange tube. The fins of the heat exchange tube absorb the heat in the air and conduct it to the low-temperature liquid in the tube, so as to gasify it into gas. Air temperature gasifier does not need electricity or steam. It is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving gasification equipment. It has no operating parts, maintenance and noise. It is widely used in the gasification of low-temperature liquids such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid LNG.


    Product structure

    The air heated vaporizer is mainly composed of star shaped vaporization tube fin, liquid gas guide tube, base, bracket, inlet and outlet joint, etc.

    Star shaped vaporization tube fin: made of LF antirust aluminum alloy, 115mm or 160mm in diameter, with 8 symmetrical fins, good vaporization effect, strong and durable, corrosion and weathering resistance.

    Liquid guide tube: copper tube or 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel tube, high pressure and impact resistance.

    Base and bracket: the material is angle aluminum, which is durable, corrosion-resistant and durable.

    Main technical parameters

    Suitable media: LNG, ng, CNG, LO2, LN2, LAR, lco2, NH3, LPG, etc;

    Working pressure: 0.1-40mpa;

    Gasification capacity per unit: 20-10000nm 3/ h. No matter how large the size is, please choose multiple combination type;

    Equipment classification: vaporizer, heater, supercharger, etc.

    Star finned tube

    Star shaped finned tube is the core component of vaporizer, which is the result of heat absorption and gasification. The material of finned tube is antirust aluminum. The commonly used fins of finned tube are 8 fins and 12 fins. The outer diameter of finned tube mainly consists of two specifications, φ 160mm and φ 200 mm, usually used for large-scale vaporization φ 200mm。

    Material and technology

    All parts are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel with excellent oxidation resistance and high performance. Before leaving the factory, the product is dried with nitrogen according to the oxygen standard to ensure the product quality and use more safely.

    Main advantages

    The air heated vaporizer is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product, which can save a lot of electricity and steam compared with water bath electric heating vaporizer and steam heating water bath vaporizer.

    The structural features of the carburetor can ensure the normal working pressure of each part under cryogenic temperature, avoid seal freezing, and have the characteristics of good sealing performance, safety, reliability, no corrosion, long service life, etc.

    The carburetor has compact structure, uniform arrangement, beautiful appearance and large finned tube.

    Argon arc welding is adopted for the welding seams of all parts of the vaporizer. The welding seams are neat, beautiful and free of undercut, air hole and other defects.

    The carburetor is strictly cleaned before leaving the factory. The oil and grease are removed. The water pressure test and air tightness test are carried out. There is no leakage. After the pressure test, the carburetor is dried with dry nitrogen.

    The air heated gasifier relies on its own sensible heat and absorbs the heat of the external atmospheric environment to realize the gasification function, which is its advantage.

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