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    216、Advantages of Double Metal Full Capacity Tank Ceiling Structure- Doer Equipment

    Classification:Forum PublishTime:2023-05-09 10:44:29

    Advantages of Double Metal Full Capacity Tank Ceiling Structure- Doer Equipment

    The bimetallic full capacity tank ceiling structure has the following advantages:

    ① The full capacity tank structure ensures that in the event of internal tank leakage, the external tank thermal angle protection system effectively stores some LNG liquid, and the evaporated gas is discharged through the vent pipeline.

    ② The full capacity tank structure has the minimum fire separation distance and high land utilization rate according to the specifications.

    ③ When designing the inner tank, it is not necessary to consider the internal positive pressure and interlayer vacuum load, and the inner tank is not affected in case of overpressure or vacuum accidents, resulting in higher safety.

    ④ The connection of the suspended ceiling structure does not need to consider the issue of pipeline compensation within the interlayer. For the inner tank of the dome structure, both ends of the pipeline are fixedly connected to the inner tank and the outer tank, while for the suspended roof tank, only one end of the pipeline is fixed on the top of the outer tank, and the other end can freely expand and contract.

    ⑤ The interlayer of the storage tank stores LNG evaporation gas without the need for a interlayer nitrogen sealing system, which can save on supporting valves and daily operating costs, and the operation and control system is simpler.

    The design calculation of the inner tank body is calculated according to the relevant chapters of API 620-2018. The inner tank cylinder is used to hold LNG liquid, the inner tank bottom plate is composed of an arched ring plate and a center plate, and the inner tank hanging plate is used to support the cold insulation material of the ceiling. The suspended deck is equipped with four pressure balancing holes to balance the gas phase pressure of the inner and outer tanks.

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