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    215、Design principles for low-temperature storage tank schemes - Doer Equipment

    Classification:Forum PublishTime:2023-05-09 09:21:47

    Design principles for low-temperature storage tank schemes - Doer Equipment

    Design principles:

    Complete the detailed design of LNG storage within the scope of this project in accordance with the requirements of the owner's bidding documents and the latest national and industry regulations and standards.

    Adopt advanced and applicable new technologies, new equipment and new processes at home and abroad to ensure the progressiveness, leadership and intelligence of the equipment, so as to make the equipment operation and management intelligent, simple and easy, safe and reliable.

    Carefully draw on the design and construction experience of similar devices to meet the needs of long-term, safe and stable operation of the device.

    ◇ Carefully designed to ensure that the material and energy consumption of the device reach international advanced levels, and the production cost is competitive compared to similar devices, resulting in strong product competitiveness.

    ◇ Reasonable selection of equipment materials.

    On the premise of ensuring advanced technology and safe and reliable device production, reduce project costs and save investment.

    ◇ The implementation of the project shall comply with relevant national laws and regulations, and pay attention to the "three simultaneities" of environmental protection measures. After the project is put into operation, it shall be included in the safety (HSE) management system. Ensure that the project meets the requirements of occupational safety and health after production, so that the enterprise can generate good social benefits while achieving economic benefits.

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