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    Atmospheric Cryogenic Storage Tank

    Classification:Atmospheric Flat Bottom Cryogenic Storage Tank

    PublishTime:2019-05-20 14:47:30

    Hotline:+86 512-81666096

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    Atmospheric Cryogenic Storage Tank

    With the upgrading of chemical plant safety and the implementation of national standards, the safety requirements of LNG storage tank are more and more strict. In the past, the land occupation area of LNG single tank structure increased sharply, which reduced the utilization rate of land and increased the investment cost of owners.

    In order to increase the utilization rate of land and enhance the safety of storage tanks, our company designs bimetallic full capacity tank structure for LNG storage tanks with single volume between 5000-50000m3 in liquefaction and peak shaving projects. The structure conforms to the national standard, saves land cost, and the investment cost and construction period are at least half less than that of the concrete full capacity tank. At present, the structure has been put into use and runs well.


    configuration parameter

    Storage medium

    Liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid ethane, ethylene, etc;

    ● LPG produced in the refining process of petroleum products and the first oil transportation station;

    ● liquefied natural gas (LNG).

    Process flow system

    Liquid inlet system; Temperature system;

    Drainage system; Gas emission system;

    Pump return system; Analytical sampling system;

    Mezzanine nitrogen supply system; safety system;

    Liquid level and pressure measurement system; Supercharging system.


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