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    LNG Full Containment Storage Tank

    Classification:Atmospheric Flat Bottom Cryogenic Storage Tank

    PublishTime:2019-05-20 14:45:18

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    LNG Full Containment Storage Tank

    With the development of LNG industry, LNG storage is becoming more and more large and atmospheric, and the domestic design and manufacturing have reached 50000 M 3, In the coastal area, a single station with a capacity of 250000 m has been built 3、 160000 M 3 LNG atmospheric storage tank is used to receive LNG on board.

    At present, the LNG tanks designed, manufactured and installed in China are mainly 5000m long 3 And 10000m 3, It is widely used in LNG liquefaction plants or LNG peak shaving stations. The amount of LNG produced by industrial tail gas is generally small, and 1000m is commonly used 3 LNG storage tanks on the left and right.


    Main structure type

    Vertical, cylindrical, bimetal, inner ceiling, outer vault, high heat angle protection

    The interlayer is protected by pearlescent sand, elastic felt and foam glass brick.

    Process system

    01. Purge system

    02. Inlet system

    03. Discharge system (external and submerged)

    04. Pump backflow system

    05. Interlayer nitrogen supply system

    06. Liquid level and pressure measurement system

    07. Temperature measurement system

    08. Gas discharge system

    09. BOG pipeline system

    10. Analytical sampling system

    11. Safety system

    12. Pressure stabilizing system

    13. Fire alarming system

    configuration parameter

    Design, manufacture and acceptance standard of LNG storage tank

    European standard bsen14620 "design and field manufacture of vertical, cylindrical, flat bottomed, cooled liquefied storage tanks with operating temperatures between 0 ℃ and - 165 ℃"

    ● JB / t9077-1999 general insulated powder tank

    ● JB / t4735-1997 steel welded atmospheric pressure vessels

    American Standard api620 design and construction of large welded low pressure storage tank

    ● JB / T4730-2005 nondestructive testing of pump equipment

    Code for construction and acceptance of vertical cylindrical steel welded storage tank (GB 50128-2005)

    ● GB / t20368-2006 liquefied natural gas (LNG) production, storage, transportation and loading


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