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    Hebei Jingao-20000 m3 LNG Full Capacity Tank

    Classification:Past Projects PublishTime:2019-11-26 14:27:54

    Hebei Jingao-20000 m3 LNG Full Capacity Tank

    Autumn in October, clean, cool and comfortable; October is not only the season of osmanthus fragrance, but also the harvest season of dur people!

    Doer company builds 20 000 m long tunnel in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province 3 After careful organization and intensive construction, Liquid Nitrogen Precooling was completed at the beginning of October, and liquid LNG was successfully introduced into the LNG bimetallic full capacity tank. All indexes are better than the design requirements. The successful storage of LNG ensures the supply of LNG in winter in Shijiazhuang, which is a major livelihood project in Shijiazhuang. The commissioning of LNG full capacity tank also contributes to the blue sky and white clouds!

    Quality, quantity and safety are always the responsibility goals of dur team. This project is inseparable from the strong support of the owner, and also inseparable from the core design, careful procurement and ingenuity construction of duel team. Another monument stands on the land of the motherland.

    Full capacity tank is more safe and reliable, with advantages of less land occupation, low cost and short construction period, which is the demand and trend of LNG market in the future. Duel equips full capacity tank with independent intellectual property rights, which not only breaks the monopoly of foreign companies, but also improves the technology.

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