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    Xinjiang Xinye-10000 m3 LNG Full Capacity Tank

    Classification:Past Projects PublishTime:2019-08-22 09:35:38

    Xinjiang Xinye-10000 m3 LNG Full Capacity Tank

    On August 16, 2019, the 10000 m3 LNG full capacity tank of Suzhou duer Xinjiang Xinye project passed the pre cooling test and was successfully filled with liquid at one time. After 10 days of inspection and assessment, the equipment ran smoothly, and the performance of each index met or exceeded the design requirements, which indicated that another 10000 m3 LNG full capacity tank of duer equipment was successfully put into operation.

    The 10000 cubic meter LNG full tank adopts two container structures, the main container and the secondary container. The main container contains LNG liquid, and the secondary container contains evaporated gas and supporting insulation materials. This structure has high safety and less land occupation. The storage of LNG liquid in the full tank is an important method to protect the national economy and people's livelihood.

    Suzhou duel Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. has been developing large-scale, high-end and intelligent low-temperature storage tanks. On the road of intelligent manufacturing, we wish our motherland bluer sky and greener water.

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