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    216、Design scope of atmospheric and low-temperature storage tanks - Doer Equipment

    Classification:Industry PublishTime:2023-05-08 14:28:27

    Design scope of atmospheric and low-temperature storage tanks  - Doer Equipment

    In this project, a 100000m3 LNG storage tank is set up, and the tank type adopts LNG prestressed concrete full capacity tank. The design standard is in accordance with GB/T26978.1-5-2011 "Design and Construction of Vertical Cylindrical Flat Bottom Steel Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Tanks for Field Assembly". The design scope mainly includes:

    (1) Inner tank: tank wall, tank wall reinforcement ring, hot angle protection, suspended ceiling, etc.

    (2) Outer tank metal parts: tank wall lining plate, outer tank bottom plate lining plate, arch top lining plate, outer tank compression ring, etc.

    (3) Storage tank cold insulation: bottom cold insulation, annular space cold insulation between inner and outer tanks, ceiling cold insulation, and connecting pipe cold insulation;

    (4) Connecting pipes and internal pipelines: including pump wells, instrument conduits, purge pipes, top and bottom inlet pipes, etc;

    (5) Other accessories: tank elevator, pump operation platform, vent platform, instrument platform, lifting device, elevator, etc.

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