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    213、Performance Description of Low Temperature Ethylene Vacuum Storage Tank Products - Doer Equipment

    Classification:Industry PublishTime:2023-05-08 14:22:47

    Performance Description of Low Temperature Ethylene Vacuum Storage Tank Products  - Doer Equipment

    The storage tank adopts two liquid feeding methods: top and bottom, and can be selected and used according to actual situations.

    The container is equipped with a safety valve system device. Under normal use, one set is in working mode and the other set is in standby mode. If the safety valve in working mode jumps, immediately open the manual relief valve to relieve pressure below the maximum working pressure of the storage tank. At the same time, quickly switch the safety device to the standby system through the manual handle, effectively ensuring the safety of the storage tank. This combination valve consists of a safety valve and a three-way valve, which not only reduces pipeline welding, but also has a good fireproof and anti-static structure. In addition, the safety and explosion-proof devices installed on the outer container fully ensure the safety and reliability of the entire equipment.

    The low-temperature pipeline is led out centrally for easy operation and control, and the outlet is of Dura pipe structure to meet the low-temperature requirements and reduce the stress caused by thermal expansion of the pipeline, so as to ensure the safety of the storage tank.

    The vacuum valve is sealed with three "O" rings, effectively ensuring the reliability of the interlayer seal. It is made of all stainless steel and has a compact volume.

    Unique process manhole design ensures internal cleanliness when the inner container is closed.

    The use of highquality domestic paint on the storage tank not only reduces atmospheric corrosion on the surface of the tank, but also stabilizes the vacuum degree of the interlayer,

    improving the taste and quality of the product itself.

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