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    212、Operating Procedures for Gasification Process of Storage Tank's First Liquid Discharge - Doer Equipment

    Classification:Industry PublishTime:2023-05-08 14:20:23

    Operating Procedures for Gasification Process of Storage Tank's First Liquid Discharge  - Doer Equipment

    1. (Important) When operating equipment such as lowtemperature storage tanks and vaporizer skids for the first time, it is necessary to thoroughly purge them with dry nitrogen gas.

    When purging, the nitrogen gas should be used to first open a small flow rate and then gradually open a large flow rate. Sometimes, sudden opening of the valve should be used to impact the pipeline valve to ensure that all pipelines on the entire low-temperature storage tank and vaporizer skids system are clean and free of impurities and moisture, which is considered qualified. According to the size of the system, the blowing process generally takes 10 to 60 minutes.

    2. Open all valves on the outlet pipeline of the storage tank, ensure that the outlet and inlet pipelines are unobstructed, and ensure that the inlet and outlet pipeline bypasses are closed. Introduce cold air through the upper inlet pipeline to pre cool the inlet main and branch pipelines, and pre cool the outlet main pipeline. The pre cooling is completed when the root pipeline of the air temperature vaporizer frosts. (This step is to pre cool the pipeline with cold air)

    3. Pre cool the main outlet pipe and outlet branch line of the target tank. Close the upper inlet valve of the storage tank, open the lower inlet valve, and slowly flow the liquid in the tank into the outlet main pipe through the manual outlet pneumatic valve. After 10 minutes of pre cooling, proceed with the outlet process operation program.

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