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    211、Operating Procedures for Electric Heating Reheater - Doer Equipment

    Classification:Industry PublishTime:2023-05-08 13:56:23

    Operating Procedures for Electric Heating Reheater  - Doer Equipment

    Usage of electric heating reheater:

    If there is a situation where the gas temperature in the pipeline is below zero during the use of the air bath vaporizer, and the pipeline is made of carbon steel after pressure reduction, it cannot withstand low temperatures. At this time, it is necessary to open the electric heating reheater to heat the gas in the pipeline, so that the gas temperature can rise to room temperature (15-20 degrees) and ensure the safe use of all carbon steel pipelines.

    2. Principle and structure of electric heating reheater:

    The principle of an electric heating reheater is to use an electric heating tube to heat the water in the bucket, and then use hot water to heat the gas in the reheater coil, so that the gas is evenly heated before entering the rear pipeline,

    The main structure is composed of an insulated water bucket, a heater, and a set of coils. The electric heater consists of a thermocouple and a temperature controller to form an automatic control circuit, which can ensure that the water temperature is constant within a certain temperature range. As the gas is flammable, all electrical appliances are explosion-proof.

    3. The first use of an electric heating reheater should pay attention to:

    1) Water should be poured into the bucket until the upper outlet releases water,

    2) To observe whether the water level gauge can be used normally,

    3) Connect the electrical control cabinet and power wiring,

    4) Open the inside of the electric control cabinet and adjust the temperature. Be sure to have water in the bucket during heating before adjusting.

    5) Adjusting the water temperature to start heating at 35 degrees Celsius and stop heating at 45 degrees Celsius is a general parameter that can vary depending on the user's situation.

    6) After adjusting the parameters of the electric control cabinet, it is necessary to close the bolts of the electric control cabinet. Ensure good explosion-proof performance.

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