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    210、Gasification station - Doer Equipment

    Classification:Industry PublishTime:2023-02-11 15:18:12

    Gasification station - Doer Equipment

    The gasification station (skid) integrates all functions of unloading, storage, gasification, reheating, pressure regulation, metering and odorization, and adopts PLC intelligent control. The process is simple, the structure is mostly skid, the site installation is convenient, the operation is simple, and the operation is reliable. The "double gasification+secondary reheating" can be used continuously for 24 hours under any environmental conditions.
    The pressure regulating, metering and odorizing skid is skid-mounted with compact structure. The voltage regulator adopts "2+1" voltage regulation mode with high voltage cut-off function. Turbine flowmeter is selected as the flowmeter with high measurement accuracy and card insertion function, which can be used as the basis for settlement. The odorizer has its own control system, which is interlocked with the flow meter, and can realize intelligent automatic odorization.
    The pressure regulating device uses the self-operated pressure regulating valve to regulate the pressure, and the outlet pressure is stabilized at a constant value according to the user's requirements. The equipment is compact and beautiful, and widely used in oxygen, nitrogen, natural gas and other gas industries.
    Product features
    1. The overall equipment is skid-mounted to ensure reliable quality and convenient transportation and installation.
    2. Large gas volume, with a single flow of 100000 Nm3/h
    3. The inlet and outlet are connected by flanges for easy installation
    4. All stainless steel materials are degreased, and all carbon steel materials are shot blasted for rust removal
    5. Tungsten argon arc welding is adopted for welding, without welding slag and with reliable quality
    6. Suitable for outdoor or outdoor sites

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